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This course is offered by Letsupgrade platform. This time they are providing a best free course on "Python from Zero to Hero". In this course you will taught by best industry experts.The course is starting from 14 Feb 2022. All the course related information you will get bellow.

Python is an object-oriented, interpreted, and a high-level programming language. Now-a-days Python is a most in demand programming language because It is very easy to learn programming language. There is a many job opportunities for python deeveloper and it is a well paid career. Python is used in many fields like AI and Machine learning, Data analytics, Data visualisation, programming applications, Web development and also Game development.

Features of Python:-

1.) It is a High level language.

2.) Open source language.

3.) Object oriented programming language.

4.) It has a large standard library.

5.) Python is platform independent language.

6.) Python supports GUI.

7.) Easy to learn language.

If you want to gain deep understanding of Python language then You are on the right way. Letsupgrade is providing a Free Python course(Zero to Hero) with free certificate.

This is a 1 week program and in this python program you will learn through the live session on youtube.

SO Don't miss this opportunity. Gain the Deep knowledge of python through this program.

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