Introduction to Ethical Hacking : Beginner

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Ethical hacking is different from hacking only in terms of objective. It is a profession where hacking methods are used to help organizations from preventing cyber attacks. Unlike hacking, ethical hacking is used with a good objective to help individuals and organizations and serves a greater purpose of securing important data and networks from hackers.

Ethical hackers enhance network and system security by finding existing loopholes. They identify the weaknesses and fix them in a proper and effective way. The techniques that ethical hackers follow are the same as the hackers used. But they only do so when they are legally hired by an organization to do so.

Ethical hacking is a name which is also known as White Hat and today this skill ranks among top 3. Whenever there is an attack on the organization's data or system information then this issue is resolved by the ethical hackers.

The course gives you in-depth knowledge of ethical hacking and its functions under the top 3 domains in the industry today. This course gives you the knowledge of what are the foundations, processes, and outcomes from Ethical Hacking and common attacks that demand this skill to be acquired.

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